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pa_dreams's Journal

Proanorexia Dreams
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Get a Thin Body in a Healthy Way

PA Dreams

This is a satellite of LiveJournal's Proanorexia community. Proanorexia is dedicated to having a thin body in a healthy way and this community has the same goals.

This community is for those in the BMI range of 25 and above who would like to lose weight. It provides a forum for support and communications with others who are in your same situation.

Some of you are anorexics who have been through recovery which failed in the sense that it did not give you the means to maintain a healthy weight, or you've had to gain during pregnancy, or you've gained due to medications or sickness. Some may have never had an eating disorder.

All of you share the desire to achieve a thinner body in a healthy way. Changing weight is one of the most dangerous things we can do. It can lead to anorexia nervosa, which has only an 80% survival rate - it's the deadliest mental disorder in the world.

Since the body changes modes and has different requirements and limitations at different BMI levels, those at BMI 25 and above need different guidance and advice. Here, as we get the resources to expand, you will get the right information for you.




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